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The problems an individual brings can only be properly understood within the context of the person’s total life situation, and careful consideration is important when deciding whether to embark on the process of therapy. It is therefore my practice to offer an initial consultation to explore options and possibilities. Therapy is open ended and the length of therapy varies according to the individual.

Types of issues I work with:

Anger management



Child related issues



Gender dysphoria

Generalised anxiety disorder

Low self-confidence

Low self-esteem

Panic disorder

Passive aggressive behaviour

Personality disorders


Relationship issues





Work-related stress


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Once or twice weekly, generally with the patient/client seated on a chair. Some of the work is with interpretations (making the unconscious part of the mind conscious) and uses the relationship between patient and therapist as the focus. There is also a focus on everyday life and outside experiences. The theory base is psychoanalytic.

Starting Therapy

Taking the first step can be daunting. You are most welcome to telephone me or send an e-mail with your questions before we decide a time to meet.

The initial consultation is an opportunity to explore the difficulties and to think about what may best facilitate change and growth before agreeing to embark on the process of therapy or counselling.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes long and I allow up to 75 minutes for the first appointment.

The therapy process requires a commitment to regular sessions and we would, therefore, agree a regular time to meet. Once we have agreed to the best way forward this time becomes yours and is kept for you. 

Evening, early morning and daytime appointments are available.

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The ongoing fee will be discussed during our initial consultation. My fees range from £75 per session, depending on times and availability.

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